ViaScope SmartIP 2000

Integrated All-In-One Solution

An all-in-one hardware integrated solution will reduce your initial investment by offering a multi-functional solution at low cost, as well as streamlined installations, minimizing a manager’s workload.
Automating routine workloads of manual IP address administration using a light-weight, versatile and powerful SmartIP will dramatically enhance your efficiency.
Based on configured policies, Viascope SmartIP 2000 and SmartIP 500 can prevent unexpected network downtime caused by IP conflicts and outside attackers that have gained connectivity to a switch device or a Wi-Fi access point (in bridge mode)
ViaScope SmartIP is network access control solution which automatically prevents access from unauthorized devices and protects against the risks of network faults from unauthorized users with an integrated management policy.

SmartIP 2000

Multi-function solution that satisfies reliability, scalability and security requirements

SmartIP 2000 is All-in-one solution that integrates Server, DBMS, DHCP server and Probe in a single device.
SmartIP 2000 ensures the network security and it provides a total view of IP resources distributed in the network with the comprehensive and easy to use WEB based user’s interface.
SmartIP 2000’s built-in Probe and DB server enable IT managers to collect, manage and control any IP devices in the network with just a few mouse clicks.

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